We are proud to present new Hoosier race tires for hillclimb or autocross application: In the next few months three brandnew bias-ply tires (coming with the very soft race-proven R20 compound) will be available in our webshop:

21.5 x 10.0 - 15

21.5 x 8.7 - 15

21.5 x 7.5 - 15

Available as well in a few weeks will be the new 13" bias-ply-slick with R20 compound which satisfies the need for a slightly smaller tire (in diameter and tread width) fitting NSU TT and/or VW Polo:

20.0 x 7.0 - 13

Expected to be available in first half of 2024 three new sportscar-tires are expanding our product range for e.g. hillclimb:




Updated Jan. 2024